"A must for anyone who has to deal with the media. Keen observations and constructive criticism. "

Mareille Smits – UWV

Open registration media training

We also provide open registration media trainings. You can participate in a group training at an attractive rate (€ 575 ex VAT*) with participants from other fields. The groups are a maximum of six people. This training is suitable for those wanting to invest in media training for themselves – for example, in preparation for a job as a spokesperson. The advantage of this group training is that you learn from others. The disadvantage is that you get less individual attention than in a tailor-made media training.

Monthly media training

The open registration media trainings are given once or twice a month in our training space and TV studio in Amsterdam. The next media training is on March 26, April 2 and 28, May 14 and 18, June 8 and 24.  It starts at 09:00 and the media training ends at 15:30. You can reserve a place via email of call (020 428 5805)

Content of the media training

In this media training, the focus is primarily on practicing giving interviews. The interviews are recorded on video, reviewed and analysed. You get an immediate insight into what you need to work on for media appearances. In the practice interviews, we work on a simple method for taking control, communicating a pre-prepared media message, dealing with interruptions and closing an interview with a powerful statement.

In addition, there is attention for formulating a good media message. Of course, we also look at personal presentation and non-verbal communication. The interviews in the media training simulate journalistic interviews and are as realistic as possible. You’ll be interviewed about the subjects that you want to deal with. Every form of interview can be practiced – radio, TV, telephone, critical or simply informative. We can also deal with media appearances during crisis situations – for example, a live interview in a news broadcast.

(*price includes refreshments and lunch)

Interview for TV. Top shot of female reporter in conversation with interviewee.

Media training practice session. Live media appearance on location. Spokeswoman gives an interview via a live feed. Cameraman monitors the picture.

Media training practice session. Live media appearance on location. Spokesman gives an interview via a live feed.

Crisis communication training. TV reporter questions spokesman on location at the Port of Rotterdam.