“I would give this media training a 10! Instructive, practical, scenario focused, in a committed and professional manner.”

Henriëtte Wijnen – writer of Julia’s Slangenkuil

Media coaching

Media coaching takes the form of individual training. This is the most efficient form of media training. You get one-to-one attention from the trainer and there is plenty of time to practice and to work on your personal pitfalls. You’ll see the results in just a few hours. You can also work on improving your presentation skills in this training.

Presentation skills

You’ll learn, among other things, how to turn your presentation into an inspiring argument, how to use a strong opening to make immediate contact with your audience and what to watch out for in terms of body language and voice use. We also examine the effectiveness of your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. This presentation training will boost your confidence for presentations.

Media training and presentation in one day

We also give one-day workshops that combine media training and presentation training. For this, we work together with presentation trainers from Speak to Inspire. In one day (or two separate sessions) you’ll learn how to come through interviews with flying colours and how to present yourself as strong and likeable.

Media coaching on subscription

Media coaching is also a good option if you regularly have to deal with media appearances and feel the need for structural support. In one session, for example, we will evaluate previous media appearances, check whether your story is media friendly and work on formulating concise media messages. So you’ll be ready for the next interview. We can also help you to develop your media strategy or your media message. Media coaching is available on subscription.

Webinar training

We now have a tailor-made training for you if you regularly have to give a presentation via a webcast or webinar. In our studio, you can practice giving a successful webinar intensively. We’ll check your on-camera presentation skills, but also the content of your story. How is the structure and pace of the presentation, is the content tailored to the audience, are visual aids necessary, how are you using your voice and what is your contact with the camera like? All these things are covered during our webinar training. Of course, the training can also be given in your own webinar studio.


With our partner CorpTV, we can take care of your webcast from beginning to end. We’ll do the production, so that you can focus on the content and the presentation.

Autocue training

If you want to work with a teleprompter or autocue – where the text appears on the camera in front of you – then we recommend training first. It might seem easy to read a text out loud, but in practice it’s a skill that requires training and experience. You don’t want to give the viewer the idea that something is being read. We’ll help you with tips and tricks, so that your autocue presentation looks professional.

A teleprompter on a camera with the text for the presenter on screen.