“Top training with top trainers. You can safely say, this media training is a masterclass.”

Kasper van Dijk – WTC Expo

Media lessons

Our media training is very practical. You learn good media performances by doing, not by talking about it. And so – in addition to the theory – we spend a lot of time practicing interviews. Our trainers take on the role of the journalist and give you the feel of a real media appearance. We train for different interview scenarios: confrontational and informative; telephone; face-to-face or live broadcast via a satellite connection. In this way, we cover all types of media. We analyze every interview for content and presentation. In our media lessons you will get to know your strengths and weaknesses and you will be aware of what you need to work on. During the training you will also gain insight into how the media functions and the methods journalists use. We will show you examples of good and bad media appearances from our video archive. Every media training is customized and adapted to the wishes of the client. In this way, our media lessons are tailored to your objectives.

What will you take away?

By the end of our training, you will have a different perspective on media appearances. You will know how to prepare and, most importantly, you will know how to take control. You will know the basic rules for a successful media appearance. In short, you will have learned the media lessons and you will be able to speak more confidently to journalists.