“I have learned a lot about dealing with the media – especially in emergencies.”

Jan Lindemulder – De Onderwijsspecialisten

Train in a real TV studio

Do you want to be well-prepared for TV interviews? You can do this in our own TV studio. Here you’ll experience what it’s like to be part of a live TV programme and to be interviewed under the bright studio lights. You can also practice interviews via a satellite link (the interviewer is not with you in the studio, but asks you questions via an audio feed) – where you have to look directly into the camera. A much-used method when you’re not in a position to physically be in the studio in Hilversum or Amsterdam. For example, in a crisis situation that requires you to remain on location with your crisis team.

Our studio can also be used to practice presentation to camera or for autocue training, where the text is projected onto the camera lens. This way, presentation texts don’t have to be learned by heart and you can, for example, record a video message quickly. Autocue is a useful tool, but it takes some practice before you can present texts in a natural way. You can do this in our studio. Effectively, you’ll be getting presentation training, which can be combined well with media training. So you’ll be extra prepared for a media appearance.

Décor of the Leo de Later Media Training studio.