The practical emphasis makes this a really good media training. No lecturing, just doing. Plus a helping hand. Score: 10.

Leo de Later helpt je echt om je boodschap beter en leuker over te brengen in de pers. Een aanrader!

Jaap Parqui – Van Dale

Veel nuttige en bruikbare tips om vol vertrouwen de media tegemoet te treden

Joyce van Onzenoort – UWV

Wij hebben als gemeente veel opgestoken van de mediatraining.
Vooral ‘geen strijd – maar zendtijd’ is blijven hangen

Mariette Vos – Gemeente Halderberge


After each training, we ask every participant for a critical evaluation. Feedback is of great value to us as it gives us an insight into the effectiveness of the training. We know, then, whether the content and structure need to be adjusted. In this way, we work continuously to improve our training. Currently, our average report grade is a 9. Below is a snapshot of recent testimonials from our clients. For reasons of privacy or confidentiality, not everyone has agreed to be named.

“Very instructive training during which pitfalls, tips and tricks emerge that you would never think of yourself.”

“In one day, a whole lot of info, useful tools and practical examples. A clear training at a good pace.” Score: 9.5

John Weg – Executive Board OLON

“Leo developed a media strategy for me with surprisingly good results. The emphasis was always on what I, the client, wanted. I can highly recommend De Later Communications for everyone.”

Urban Larsson – Artist

“During the media training I learned what is involved in communicating a media message and what the best way of doing this is.”
Score: 9

Jelle Assink – KNMI

“Incredibly useful training with a very competent trainer.”

Pieter Boot – Delken & Boot

“Very nice training with lots of practical tips. Leo is really approachable and his coaching is sharp.” Score: 9

“High time that, as a board member, I had this kind of training.”

“This media- and presentation training is a real eye-opener in terms of behaviour and attitude.”

Danny Vermeulen – Chairman OLON

“Incredibly good basic skills learned in a nice environment.”

“Top training with top trainers. You can safely say this media training is a masterclass.”

Kasper van Dijk – WTC Expo

“Clear explanations, lots of practice time, a nice way of giving feedback.”

“A very useful training. Gives great insight into the shortcomings and pitfalls in a media interview”. Score: 9

“A very valuable media training that has given me exactly the right insights”. Score: 9

Femke-Fleur Lamkamp  – Director, Animal Protection

“Meaningful training with good feedback and reflection on the purpose of media appearances. You get handy tools that you can put into practice.”

“A must! You’re given confronting feedback in a respectful manner and walk out the door with concrete tips and tools.”

Marieke van den Oever –  Head of Communications MBO Utrecht

“With this media training, Leo de Later coaches you into communicating a concise message!” “I would give this media training a 10! Instructive, practical, scenario focused, in a committed and professional manner.”

Henriëtte Wijnen – writer of Julia’s Slangenkuil

“Recommended for anyone who wants to train for media appearances. Useful tips that work in practice.”

Cornelie Glerum – FSSC 22000

“Recommended for anyone who has to deal with the media. Keen observations and constructive criticism.”

Mareille Smits – UWV

“Enjoyable and mutual interaction.”

“As a municipality, we got such a lot from the media training. We will absolutely be able to use this.”

Mariette Vos – Gemeente Halderberge

“Positive criticism that you can really learn from.”

“An educational day! This media training is great for developing yourself.”

Huibert van Zanten – VKV Group

“Great combination of practice and theory.”

“The art of turning your passion for a subject into a media message! This media training teaches you how.”

Astrid Hendriks – UWV

“The trainings given by Leo de Later and his colleagues are incredibly instructive and inspiring.“

“Thanks to this media training, I have the courage to do an interview with any reporter!”

Fien Heeringa – Director, Hunze and Aa’s Waterboard

“This media training provides concrete tools for a good media interview.”

“Valuable media training with concrete focus and insightful feedback.”
“Very useful and intensive media training and in a relaxed learning environment. Seldom learned so much in one day.”

Marcel Monden – Medical Director GGZ NHN

“Really practical and useful media training, close to my ‘practice’. Nice practice environment.”

Marieke Duijndam – UWV

This media training has a great immersion factor and clear, constructive feedback with excellent practical advice.

David Duclos –  Sensi Seeds

“Confronting and useful media training. Educational!”

“Great media training, good tips, constructive criticism that you can work with.”

“Constructive media training with a nice way of learning from your own mistakes.”

“Media ready in one session.”

Theo Laan – UWV

“Well directed and structured.”

“Well structured training with a great balance between theory and practice.”

Dijkgraaf Tanja Klip –Vallei and Veluwe Waterboard

“Surprising. Super professional. Exceeded my expectations.”

“Very educational. This media training has given me lots of insights.”

Petra Janssen – UWV

“Instructive training about taking control during a media interview.”

“Anyone who has to deal with the media should have this training.”

Koert Sloot – Schindler Liften

“Meaningful, inspiring and full of tips and tricks.”

Jacco van Emst – WTC Expo

“Ready for the media and the press in just three hours!”

Miranda Freriks – Lung Cancer Netherlands

“You’re on your toes, right from the start of the training.”

Bert Moormann – Domesta

“The trainers are experienced, professional and patient.”

Lai Ming Wong – Municipality of Amsterdam

“Super useful to have hands-on training with two top trainers.”

Aart van der Vlist – UWV

“Motivating and refreshing. Got a lot from it. Also the reassurance to be myself.”

Ron Blaauw – Masterchef

“Lots of useful tips in an open and safe environment. “

“In one day, you’ll be more media savvy, know more and your presentation will improve.”

Anton Las – C.Ro Ports

“Great training with a natural way of learning.”

“Very nice link with practice. Handy!”

Richard Kofi – Museum of World Cultures

“All the armour you need to be well prepared for media contacts.”

“Unmissable for potential media appearances.”

Fons Schmid – FSSC 22000

“Leo de Later give a focused, sharp training at a good pace. Tailored to the individual so that you can take immediate action.”

“The media training helped me to identify points to work on and to improve. ”

Linda Hartings – Relevant Holdings

“Individually focused, which gives you immediately actionable tips.”
“I have learned a lot about dealing with the media – especially in emergencies.”

Jan Lindemulder – De Onderwijsspecialisten

“Great training. Good to listen back to and discuss real interviews. Educational!”

“Training that can be directly applied in practice.”

Rob Oosterbaan – Swinhove Group

“Learn how to deal with the press in just one day.”

Rob van Hooven – UWV

“The fact that the trainers are people from the profession with years of experience contributes to the vibrancy of the training.”

Mark Schippers –  Portaal

“Professional expertise combined with customized practice.”

Karin van Reekum –Wageningen Municipality

“Great training. Very useful and actionable in practice. It’s a must!”

“The training has helped me to get my media message to the forefront.”

“Very professional approach, a focused structure, very illustrative. With many new insights and always in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“Good to learn how you can take more control in your contact with the media.”

“Nice location, easy to reach and good facilities.”

“Good mix of theory and practice.”

“A training that translates practical experience into the reality for media dummies like us.”

Niels Louwaars – Plantum

“The start was a real light-bulb moment, because you immediately see what your strengths and weaknesses are.”

Ria Hilhorst – Municipality of Amsterdam

“If you compare media training with emergency response training, I would dare to tackle a fire after this training.”

Arjo Tibben – UWV

“Directly applicable in practice. Useful and useable tips!”

“Instructive training with very focused and practical content and realistic simulations.”

“An essential start to a good media appearance.”

“The training has given me more confidence and I have a better prepared outlook on media contacts.”

“The expectation was primarily personal improvement. The improvements for the organization were equally confronting.”

“Good to get training from trainers with media experience.”

“Useful for both media interviews and consultation evenings.”

“Good to get practical experience in a safe setting.”

“A very instructive training that will greatly benefit my career.”

“Wonderfully practical!“

“Practical training that you can immediately put into practice.”

“The media training is a valuable addition to my knowledge of the media”

“Primarily focused on practice. No theoretical narrative.”

“Useful training, also for anyone with little to no media experience. A quiet setting, informal atmosphere, clear explanations and useful feedback.”

“Wow, incredibly educational!”

I have become “media richer”.

“Great training. Very useful and usable in practice. Recommended!”

“Lots of time and attention for participants. Nice atmosphere and good feedback.”

“Because of the considerable experience of both trainers it was useful and made very real by all the examples.”


  1. Aercap
  2. Aethon
  3. Albert Heijn
  4. Tele2
  5. AMS-IX Internet Exchange
  6. Avantium
  7. Batavia Stad
  8. BCD Holding
  9. Breinstein
  10. CanalDigitaal
  11. Careander
  12. CEVA Logistics
  13. Chemgas
  14. Circle of Gentlemen
  15. CFF Communications
  16. Connexxion
  17. Cowlinq
  18. Credit Europe Bank
  19. Crown Van Gelder
  20. C.RO Ports
  21. DC Engineers
  22. DE Unie
  23. Delken & Boot
  24. FiscAlert
  25. Ford Nederland
  26. Fox-IT
  27. FSSC
  28. Getronics
  29. Gezamenlijke Tankdienst Schiphol
  30. Golazo Sports
  31. Grow in Life
  32. Heineken International
  33. HempFlax Group
  34. Hilton Foods
  35. Imtech
  36. Instituut Blankestijn
  37. Interpolis
  38. Issuemakers
  39. Keyrail
  40. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  41. Landmarkt
  42. Mediq
  43. NS
  44. NedTrain
  45. NS Hispeed
  46. Michelin
  47. Merin
  48. NIBC
  49. Oiltanking
  50. Oudstanding
  51. PRA Health Sciences
  52. ProRail
  53. PVF Achmea
  54. RCN Vakantieparken
  55. Ron Blaauw
  56. Rosada Outlet
  57. Samas
  58. SBS Broadcasting
  59. Schindler
  60. Sensi Seeds
  61. SKAL Biocontrole
  62. Spoorbouwmeester
  63. Swinhove
  64. TP Vision
  65. UCB Pharma
  66. Uniekaas
  67. Urban Larsson Paintings
  68. Van Schaick Projectbegeleiding
  69. VKV Groep
  70. White Label Dog
  71. Wijnen Recruitment & Consultancy
  72. WTC Expo

Non profit

  1. Agrilink
  2. Amsta
  3. Anne Frank Stichting
  4. Brancheorganisatie NefeMED
  5. Branchevereniging Afvalbedrijven
  6. Branchevereniging KNB
  7. Branchevereniging Plantum
  8. Cordaan
  9. DUFAS
  10. De Forensische Zorgspecialisten
  11. De Onderwijsspecialisten
  12. Dierenbescherming
  13. Domesta
  14. FNV Zelfstandigen
  15. Fraudehelpdesk
  16. Fryslân Marketing
  17. GGZ Vincent van Gogh
  18. GGZ-NHN
  19. Gymnasium Haarlem
  20. KNVvL
  21. LTO
  22. MBO Utrecht
  23. Maag Lever Darm Stichting
  24. Museum Volkenkunde
  25. NCRV
  26. NKBV
  27. Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep
  28. OCAN Overlegorgaan
  29. OLON
  30. OLVG
  31. Oiko Credit
  32. Ondernemingsraad Holland Casino
  33. Ondernemingsraad ProRail
  34. Ondernemingsraad Valid
  35. Open Universiteit
  36. Oranjefonds
  37. Ouders & Onderwijs
  38. PASTA
  39. Plan Nederland
  40. Portaal
  41. Projectorganisatie Maasvlakte-2
  42. ROC Westbrabant
  43. Reclassering
  44. Rode Kruis
  45. SLAK Atelierbeheer
  46. SNCU
  47. SSH&
  48. Slotervaart Ziekenhuis
  49. Sportfondsen Nederland
  50. Staatsbosbeheer
  51. StiPP
  52. TU Eindhoven
  53. Tropenmuseum
  54. Universiteit Twente
  55. Van Dale
  56. Visfederatie
  57. Vrije Universiteit
  58. Wageningen45
  59. Waternet


  1. Alliantie Markermeerdijken
  2. Bestuurscommissie Oost (Amsterdam)
  3. CTIVD
  4. Curacao
  5. Gemeente Alkmaar
  6. Gemeente Amsterdam
  7. Gemeente Beek
  8. Gemeente Dordrecht
  9. Gemeente Etten-Leur
  10. Gemeente Gennep
  11. Gemeente Hellendoorn
  12. Gemeente Halderberge
  13. Gemeente Hellevoetsluis
  14. Gemeente Lelystad
  15. Gemeente Pijnacker
  16. Gemeente Rotterdam
  17. Gemeente Schagen
  18. Gemeente Scherpenzeel
  19. Gemeente Steenbergen
  20. Gemeente Wageningen
  21. Gemeente Zaanstad
  22. Gemeente Zwijndrecht
  23. KNMI
  24. Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid
  25. Politie Amsterdam-Amstelland
  26. Politie Zeeland
  27. Rotterdam Partners
  28. UWV
  29. Waterschap AGV
  30. Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s
  31. Waterschap Noorderzijlvest
  32. Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe