"Top training with top trainers. This media training can be called a master class. "

Kasper van Dijk – WTC Expo

Media trainers

Best of both worlds

Our media training courses are invariably given by TV journalists. Without exception, they have years of experience in news and current affairs programming. In our view, this is the best foundation for a media trainer. Especially TV journalists interview intensively and their stories rely on interviewees giving clear statements. They are, of course, familiar with the opportunities and the pitfalls of media appearances. Almost all of our trainers have experience as communications advisors. So they are well placed to give training and advice on both disciplines. So you get the best of both worlds. A number of our trainers are still active in news journalism.

“The clear feedback from the trainers really helps!”

“I was told about ways in which I could improve very respectfully.”

“Convincing analysis combined with clear and inspiring examples.”

“Clear-sighted conclusions, tools and insights presented via a positive approach.”

“The fact that the trainers are professionals with years of experience contributes to the vibrancy of the training.”

Mark Schippers –  Portaal

“Good and experienced trainers. They know how politics and management work.”

“Professional expertise combined with an individual approach.”

Karin van Reekum – Municipality of Wageningen

“Experienced professionals and thorough preparation of our material.”

“Great to get training from trainers with experience in the media“

Which trainer?

All our courses are led by Leo de Later. We will indicate which media trainer(s) you will be dealing with when we send you our offer. You can also make your own choice from our select group of media trainers, depending on availability. Group trainings (minimum of three people) are given by two trainers as standard. A media training is a skills training and with two trainers you are assured of sufficient time to practice and that you get personal attention. Of course, it is always better to get feedback from several trainers. Each media trainer has a different tip or angle and analyzes from their own media background.

Crisis training

For crisis training, all our trainers draw on their journalistic practice, in which they have experienced crises up close and have reported on crises both at home and abroad.

Senior consultant

Our media trainers are selected based on their teaching skills and all are at the level of senior consultant.

Native speakers

We work with native speakers for our trainings in English.