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Media appearances

Media appearances are an opportunity to profile you and your organization, to tell your story, and give your perspective on things. At the same time, there are also pitfalls. The conversation that began so openly and informatively can suddenly take a different turn. The questions are prickly and the interaction with the journalist can become tense or even hostile. Other issues are addressed than was agreed. This is the moment that you need to take control and bring it back to what you have to say. Back to the opportunity instead of the pitfall. For this, we provide you with simple and easy to execute tips so that you are in charge of your own media appearance. 


Many people often feel at the mercy of the power of the journalist and walk into the interview on the leash of the interviewer, so to say. This is not necessary. It is in both your interests to get a good story across, only sometimes what is a good story for a journalist is very different to what is a good story for you. So there can be a conflict of interest. It is good to recognize this. The journalist is not the enemy, but can become this at certain moments. Then it is good if you can tackle critical questions with confidence and have a good story to tell. A story that is in line with your communications objectives and with the message you want to convey. This is what we will teach you. Maintain your own story and view the interview as an opportunity rather than a threat. In this way, media appearances can be enjoyed.